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Ice-Cream Emulsifiermg视讯娱乐网站平台官网

Model No.︰90
Brand Name︰wellgo
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / kg
Minimum Order︰2000 kg
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Product Description

  1. As molecular distillated glycern monostearate is the king of food emulsifier, it is widely used in food development, natural beverage, cake oil, ice cream, cream candy and artificial butter.

  2. As the ideal agent of the O-W cosmetics and W-O cosmetics, it is widely applicable for anti-sunburn ointment, skin fortifier etc.

  3. As nontoxic plastifier, it can be used in the polyethylene and polyester packaging materials to enhance the plastics’ flexibility, plasticity and antistatic property.

  4. As the carrier of the medical emulsion, it can be used to produce ointment and liniment to enhance the dispersity and stability of dispersion phase.

Payment Terms︰T/T,L.C
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