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Model No.︰90
Brand Name︰WELLGO
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / kg
Minimum Order︰2000 kg
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Product Description
Product Description

Foaming assist, shrink resistant, lubrication assist, antistatic, atomization resistant, plasticisation assist, dribble resistant, modification assist etc.


Suzhibao is a kind of all-purpose and multi-functional plastic additive agent and also the ideal subsidiary raw material for modern plastic industry. It is the ideal foaming assist and shrink resistant agent:

  1. Foaming assist and shrink resistant:mg视讯娱乐网站网站娱乐In order to meet the requirement of the environment, Freon foaming agent has to be replaced gradually. Suzhibao is the foaming agent for polyethylene and polystyrene. It functions much better if admixed with butane. Products inlayed with Suzhibao are peculiar in smooth & clean exterior and no contractibility.
  2. Lubrication assist and antistatic:mg视讯娱乐网站二维码iosSuzhibao is the excellent lubricant that diminishes the friction among the polymer molecules so as to decrease the polymer melt viscosity and increase the flowability. Suzhibao features in good antistatic resistance that is able to decline the formation and accumulation of static electricity.Suozhibao makes the plastic articls decrease the adsorbability of dirt, which maintains a transparent and clean exterior.
  3. Atomization resistant, dribble resistant:mg视讯娱乐网站代理appThe atomization of agriplast functions not only to prevent the irradiation of the sunshine but to prevent the coagulative bead ( harmful to the crop)from dribbling to the crop. It has excellent atomization efficacy and generates humidification on the film surface. The coagulative bead drops down the humid film so that it avoids the bead dribbling to the crops.
  4. Plasticisation assist and modification assist:mg视讯娱乐网站网站地址Suzhibao has a good compatibility with some plastic materials including P.E, P.P, PVC and P.S. It is able to add more flexibility to your product and make the exterior more beautiful. You will obtain good results if you utilize it as the plasticisation and modifying agent for cellulose nitrate, alkyd resin, nylon, engineering plastics.

Quality & Spec:mg视讯娱乐网站网址地址

Product standard: GB15612-1995 edible grade (nontoxicity)

Freezing point:≥60℃

Exterior: buff & white powder, odourless

Storage: cool or dry place

Package: paper sack package (built-in plastic bag), net content : 25 kilogram/bag

Payment Terms︰T/T L/C
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